Basic Instructions For Creating A Dissertation Proposal In Linguistics

Your dissertation proposal is much like the outline of your dissertation. While it should be approved by your committee and advisor, and perhaps have adjustments made to it, it is still the beginning of your dissertation and should be able to guide you conceptually in your writing. Here are some very basic instructions for writing a proposal for your linguistics dissertation.

  1. Your proposal is a written plan for your dissertation. It should be structured clearly and give evidence that you have given thoughtful consideration to the primary purpose of the project and if it involves different aspects of other disciplines. You want to show your committee that you have a viable question and that you are capable of pursuing a sound answer. It should be a question that you can explain to a linguist who may not be familiar with the topic.
  2. Your proposal should be about twenty pages in length give or take, including notes. It should be written to standard and researched thoroughly.
  3. The dissertation proposal should include a title page that should consist of, among other things, a tentative title for your work and a list of the names of your advisor and readers.
  4. You will need an introduction to your proposal that will contain your research question and the important topics discussed in your proposal.
  5. Make sure that the readers understand your own theoretical perspective. If you are writing your dissertation in a certain theoretical point of view, then be sure that it is clear and discussed to some extent.
  6. The reader should be aware of why your research question is significant. They should understand in depth your purpose of choosing this question and be given no doubt as to its importance.
  7. In detail, your reader should know point by point how you intend on addressing that question. What is the data that you plan on including? How will you go about analyzing and dissecting that data? Include your methods and give them step by step instructions on how you went about answering the question.

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